Monday, March 22, 2010

Colorful Inspiration

I was wandering around in the garden this morning with the BeaBug and I was tickled by all the beautiful, colorful flowers blooming. Thank you, Husband. He has a green thumb, I do not. I love the beginning of springtime when the flowers and trees start blooming, the vegetables start growing, the bees start buzzing...sounds like a Disney song, right?

Anyway, the colors on the flowers are so vibrant, maybe that's why I like them so much. If you get really close, you can see the wonderfully natural palettes they display. So, I'm sharing my garden paint palette with you, for your own inspiration. I've already found a couple color combinations I can't wait to paint. Enjoy!

And the busy little bees that make these blossoms possible!


Joy said...

OMGosh, Val! These are all in your yard?! So beautiful!! I can see why you're so inspired.I need to come for a visit soon.

nina seven said...

lovely flower pics, helped to brighten my gloomy day. thanks so much for your comment, that helped, too.

Anonymous said...

Joy- when ARE you going to come by for a visit?!?! Come on over before it gets too hot!