Sunday, March 14, 2010

2nd Saturday in Sacramento

The family and I finally ventured out for a 2nd Saturday in Sacramento. I haven't been in while, what with moving to Woodland (not really a good excuse) and having a baby (a good excuse). It's definitely changed! There are quite a bit more stores, art galleries, restaurants, and random places involved. It was really packed and there were a few police cars down there due to a war protest. And maybe the beer garden.

Here's  a description of what 2nd Saturday is about:
Every month, art galleries in the Sacramento metro area stay open late and invite the public to the Second Saturday Art Walk. People from near and far come to walk from gallery to gallery, enjoying the latest and best of the region's vibrant art scene. There is live music, and an immense variety of art and activities behind every door.
It was really fun to go down and check out all the art and festivities. We started out with dinner at Hot Italian at 16th and Q St. They had a student art auction going on. There were about seven canvases to bid on. I even spied a couple of the artists lounging around, checking out the people checking out their artwork. It reminded me of my college days.

The husband and I took turns eating and following the BeaBug around. That's what you have to do when you've got an adventurous toddler and you want to eat at a restaurant! When Bug and I were wandering, we found a great black and white mural in the outside patio area.

After dinner, we went over to J Street to walk around. If you're a Sacramentian, you may have heard about the muralists, Hennessy Christophel and Sofia Lacin. They have been in the news alot this past year for their wonderful artwork on many Sacramento businesses. I read on their blog they were going to be doing a live mural painting for 2nd Saturday. So, the family and I wondering down there to check them out and say hi.

I chatted with them a short bit and they are very friendly. They seem like they really enjoy what they do.

We continued on a bit, but it was someone's bedtime, so we headed back home. Check your city, they probably have a monthly art walk, too!


Anonymous said...

I've noticed it's become more of a party scene.

I like the live mural painting idea, though. It's hard to see in your picture, what are they painting?

Anonymous said...

I was down on J street the same night! I saw them painting the mural, but didn't know why they were doing it. Now I do. Thanks!