Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuscan Landscape Mural - Paint on the Wall

I finally started the Tuscan landscape outdoor mural today. With weather, traveling clients, and other delays, it's been a couple weeks since this project got started. But, today I was finally able to put paintbrush to wall. Here's a few photos of my progress.

The canvas.
I chose my vanishing point and taped a string to it. An old trick, but it's an easy way to figure out perspective. Do you notice the gray smug above my hand? That's from trying to erase pencil with water. Note: when painting a mural, make sure your client has more of the wall color paint. It will become your "eraser".
Mixing up my paints. I really watered down my paints this time for two reasons. One, it brushes on more smoothly and quickly on a rough surface. Two, I wanted to paint layers of washes, to build up my color, highlights and shadows.
Painting the first wash of the mountains. Using the washes allowed me to work quickly. Instead of painted each section completely, I was able to fill out every part of the painting. This helped me to make sure I did my spacing and composition correctly.
A little more detail in the washes.
So far, so good! I was able to flesh everything out. Now, I can go back and build up the details. Once the arch scene is done, I'll start working on the crumbling wall.


Rebecca Sutherland said...

It's looking very nice. That wall was crying out for a mural!

JO said...

If you use chalk instead of pencil when you make your layouts, you don't have to worry about erasing.